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Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR

Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR


The PWR Radical is the perfect versatile racquet for the serious, mature high-level player who is home on the baseline as much as at the net. It features the innovative adaptive string pattern (ASP) technology which allows players to choose between a powerful 14/19 pattern for more spin and a 16/19 pattern for more control. In addition, the racquet comes with the new Graphene 360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer resulting in more power and consequently more ball speed. 

Weight (g)
265 g / 9.3 oz 

String pattern
16/19, 14/19 

Head size
710 cm² / 110 in² 

345 mm / even 

695 mm / 27.4 in 

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